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Silverpop and Scribe team up to tap into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Silverpop, a provider of digital marketing technologies, has partnered with CRM data integration solutions provider Scribe Software to integrate its marketing capabilities with Microsoft’s software package, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, says Bryan Brown, direct of product strategy at Silverpop.

This new integration point allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM to communicate with Silverpop without requiring enterprise customers to build the installation themselves.

Peter Chase, founder and EVP of business development for Scribe Software, says that enabling the integration in Silverpop is partly an effort to attract marketers that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Silverpop’s services.    

Silverpop is keen on building what Brown describes as “an open ecosystem where marketers can integrate campaigns with Microsoft’s CRM”. Toward that end, Silverpop built “an out-of-the-box integration system that gets data to flow from [Silverpop’s] system to Microsoft’s,” Brown says.  

Silverpop partnered with Scribe because the company is a “key Microsoft partner” with which, “many marketers are already used to working,” Brown says. To build the customizations deployed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM users, Scribe used software development company, Celenia—another “key Microsoft partner who Microsoft Dynamics CRM users are familiar with.” 

Chase and Brown say the integration point is currently in beta and will be evaluated over the next couple of months before a full rollout. 

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