Silk launches road tour to promote soymilk use

Soymilk company Silk will launch a road tour March 31 as part of a brand awareness and consumer engagement campaign. The company will use the 10-city sampling tour to demonstrate the multiple uses of Silk products and collect consumer data for retargeting. Silk worked with AOR Leo Burnett on the effort.

“In our research, we found that a lot of even our most loyal users were still using dairy milk in addition to Silk or were unaware that they could use Silk for things like cooking and baking,” said Jen Hartley, director of marketing at Silk.

To receive a 75 cent coupon on the website, consumers must set up an account through Facebook or by providing their name, ZIP code, birthday and e-mail address. Consumers can also opt-in to receive future offers and promotions from Silk and its affiliated brands.

“When consumers provide that information, they’re agreeing to opt-in to our database for Silk,” said Hartley. “So with their permission, we would be sending them e-mails with additional information about our products. As part of registering for the challenge, they can select certain preferences, and we can provide certain usage tips and things that would be relevant to the way they use Silk.”

She added that Silk is collecting birthday information for relationship marketing initiatives, such as birthday e-mails. Silk will also use birthday information and ZIP codes for demographic and location analysis and track consumer coupon use through UPC codes, said Hartley.

Silk will promote its products through TV commercials that will air on networks such as Lifetime, Food Network, Discovery and TNT, and it will run print ads in publications such as Shape, Fitness, Weight Watchers and Yoga Journal. The ads will drive consumers to the website, which includes a ten-day plan to help consumers switch to soymilk, as well as coupons.

The campaign is targeting “nutrition conscious” consumers, specifically 30-to-50-year-old women who handle their households’ primary grocery shopping, said Hartley.

The road tour, which will stop in cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, will offer free coupons and allow consumers to sign up for a ten-day challenge to try new uses for Silk products. The tour will also include guerrilla marketing efforts that will spread to high traffic areas, with the goal of pouring a million samples during April, said Hartley.

“The tour is an opportunity for us to get the product out there in as many mouths as possible and hopefully spread the word,” she said.

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