*Siebel Systems Acquires Paragren Technologies

Siebel Systems Inc., San Mateo, CA, a sales and marketing automation vendor, announced yesterday that it has acquired Paragren Technologies Inc., Reston, VA, a marketing automation software vendor.

Paragren was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of APAC Customer Services Inc., a full-service, customer relationship management vendor. Its flagship product line, the One-By-One suite, provides campaign management capabilities including tools for segmenting customers, optimizing promotions across target segments, and scheduling and list management capabilities. One-By-One also includes database marketing tools that allow organizations to extend their targeting capabilities by directly accessing customer data from any information system including data warehouses and legacy applications.

Siebel, on the other hand, offers Siebel Marketing and Siebel eMarketing guide, software systems that assist marketing professionals in developing, implementing, managing and refining their strategies across products, geographers, demographics and distribution channels.

According to both companies, the integration of Paragren’s database marketing software with Siebel’s system will enable organizations to access in-depth customer data throughout the enterprise, target and segment customers, and deliver messages across all customer touch points — including e-mail, fax, the Web and the telephone — using one, single marketing automation application.

“By integrating the leading database marketing tools with the leading eBusiness application software, we can provide customers with a comprehensive marketing automation solution that allows them to create personalized, customized and highly targeted campaigns to reach customers around the world,” said David Schmaier, senior vice president, products at Siebel Systems.

The divestiture also allows APAC to continue to use the Paragren technology for one-to-one marketing execution, as supported by the Siebel eBusiness Application suite. With the recent announcement of CustomerAssistance.com Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of APAC, as well as a new strategic partnership with Whittman-Hart, APAC is focused on outsourcing a full suite of electronic customer relationship management products and services including infrastructure, front-office, and back-office solutions for fast-growth, middle market companies.

“By integrating our campaign management products with Siebel Marketing and Siebel eMarketing, we are creating the first fully integrated marketing automation application,” said Dan Lackner, chief operating officer and general manager at Paragren, who will become the vice president of Marketing Automation Products at Siebel Systems. “We can now deliver the closed-loop, out-of-the-box marketing automation solution that our customers have been asking for.”

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