Show Off Your Marketing Tech Skills

CabinetM, the Boston-based start-up which launched last November, just announced SkillStacks, a new tool which will allow digital marketers to display their technological proficiency in the clearest way: by sharing their own marketing stack in their resumes, and on LinkedIn.

The company’s initial proffer went beyond a directory of crowdsourced marketing technology reviews by allowing users to organize reviews of interest in “drawers” which can be organized, labeled and shared. In March, it rolled out MyStacks, a free, interactive drag-and-drop feature which helped users build virtual marketing stacks, permitting a deeper understanding of product performance, function, cost and integration. Users were allowed to share these compiled stacks–anonymously, if preferred–and seek comments and advice from other users in filling the gaps.

The new SkillStacks personalizes the marketing tech journey. Digital marketers will be able to showcase their own expertise by constructing a visual representation of their competencies. As with the other CabinetM options, SkillStacks can be configured online by dragging and dropping solutions. SkillStacks is also intended to help recruiters understand candidates’ expertise, and businesses ensure their digital marketing skill requirements are fully satisfied.

CabinetM currently lists some 5,000 marketing tech solutions. This led to an engrossing exchange with Scott Brinker of the ChiefMartec blog, who publishes an annual “landscape”–a visual representation of the marketing technology eco-system. It turns out that CabinetM cites some 1,900 tools not discovered by Brinker (and, to be fair, Brinker has a similar number not listed by CabinetM; but don’t worry, they have plenty in common too).

The takeaway is that the volume of marketing tech solutions out there is larger than even the experts suspected. All the more reason the up-to-date marketer will be looking for ways to stake–and keep track of–his or her own personal claim on the terrain.

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