Shopzilla taps Memetrics for real time optimization

As the holiday season kicks into gear, comparison shopping service Shopzilla tapped optimization services firm Memetrics to test and optimize its service and drive real-time marketing experiments.

The xOs Enterprise Memetrics platform at lets Shopzilla, Los Angeles, run multiple tests with multiple variables in a short amount of time to determine optimal page design and offer content as relevance becomes important this holiday season.

“Internet shoppers are more savvy and better armed with information than ever before,” said Matt Symons, vice president of business development at Memetrics, San Francisco. “We find the mood for shopping this holiday season may best be described by the phrase ‘in search of relevance.’ “

Mr. Symons also said that consumers are seeking quick pathways to highly specific and relevant product information, and they are keen to do business with companies who can facilitate the shopping experience in a way that is tailored to personal preferences.

Aside from personalization, search is key in attracting holiday shoppers. Mr. Symons said that the influence search has over sales can scarcely be over-estimated.

Those marketers who deliver greater consistency and continuity of messaging, offers and content with paid search and landing page optimization are realizing immediate and impressive increases in sales and conversion rates.

“We find that of all the avenues for optimization available to online marketers today, including search optimization, site optimization, e-mail marketing and Web analytics, search optimization is one of the highest priorities,” Mr. Symons said.

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