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Shoppers Say “I Do” to Mobile and Social [Infographic]

Marketing shouldn’t be a short-term fling; it’s a commitment brands make to their customers for the rest of their lifecycles, until death—or unsubscribe—do they part. And while there are numerous ways to romance a customer, MarketLive’s “Seventh Annual Holiday Research Study,” conducted by the e-tailing group, suggests that mobile and social are the ideal couple for engaging consumers this holiday season.

Consider the following: 78% of the 1,000 U.S. consumers surveyed say they’re likely to visit a store after receiving a text promotion or mobile alert; what’s more, 62% are likely to purchase if they receive these notifications while inside of the store. Plus, more than one quarter (27%) of respondents have made purchases after engaging with social media, and 51% discover new products via these networks.

Want shoppers to fall in love with your brand this holiday season? Then check out other key findings from the study in the infographic below. 

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