Shining a Light on the Tech Stack

The San Francisco-based marketing intelligence vendor InsideView today announced the launch of Tech Profiler, an add on designed to describe the technology stacks of hundreds of thousands of businesses.

InsideView offers current company and contact information, and real-time insights, drawn from 40,000 data sources, for the use of B2B marketers. Tech Profiler, its first vertical add on, is intended to serve technology sales and marketing teams by surfacing best prospects based on tech solutions already in use. New solutions are often complementary to existing parts of a technology stack, or require other technologies to run. Up-to-date insights into prospects’ existing technology investments are likely to save time previously wasted chasing prospects unable to adopt or use the products being sold.

“Tech Profiler shows us which technologies, such as CRM, our prospects are using, so we can walk into sales calls prepared and proactive,” said Tracy Kinsey, Dynamics CRM Online Territory Manager at Microsoft (an InsideView customer). “It’s the difference between targeting the best prospects versus spending the time prospecting in the dark.”

Tech Profiler, which is available immediately, provides information on the usage of over 2,000 front- and back-end solutions from more than 100 technology categories–including marketing technology tools. The profiles range from small businesses to large enterprises, and is integrated directly into InsideView Sales and InsideView Target.

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