Shift launches Media Analyzer tool for social advertising

Here’s an interesting tool from SHIFT, a real-time marketing platform for agencies and brands. 

The Santa Monica-based startup recently announced the launch of Media Analyzer, a digital analytics tool for social advertisers that would enable them to track paid media campaigns and analyze their performance. The tool can be applied regardless of which application was used to build the campaign and through its dashboard, it will provide real-time data to all involved in the marketing effort.

“Our goal is to ensure that from the CMO down there is data readily available for analysis. Media Analyzer is the first tool that brings the entire conversion journey into view, and allows marketers to work together with their agencies and vendors to drill down as granular as needed in order to identify the opportunities that ultimately impact their sales,” said James Borow, co-founder and CEO of SHIFT.

From the SHIFT blog, here are some of the major features of Media Analyzer: 

The SHIFT Media Analyzer features:

  • Real-time Visuals: Interactive charts and graphs enable marketers to easily hone in on specific campaigns and identify which ad creative is driving the highest engagement.

  • Campaign Analytics: Visualizations make it simple to identify anomalies in any campaign, ad, and targeting performance; allowing advertisers to focus efforts on initiatives that have the most impact.

  • Timeline Analysis: Monitor campaign performance indicators over time, as detailed as down to a specific day.

  • Keyword Analysis: Find which keywords are working and which are underperforming to take action in real time.

  • Collaboration & Sharing: With one click, charts and graphs can be downloaded and shared with team members inside and outside of the SHIFT platform.

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