SheSpeaks launches on YouTube

Imagine the value to brand of a YouTube channel broadcasting the voices of key influencers from a niche audience, to a niche audience. Except the audience of women, aged 30+, is hardly niche. 

SheSpeaks, the New York-based by and for women influencer platform, is bringing the voices of its 250,000-strong crew of brand ambassadors to YouTube, as it launches its own channel, SheSpeaks TV. The channel debuts with fashion, beauty, cooking and general lifestyle tips from high profile bloggers like Vera Sweeney, Audrey McLelland and Joey Fortman. The idea for the channel, SheSpeaks said, comes from a survey which revealed that while 82 percent of their members watch multiple videos every week, 52 percent don’t subscribe to YouTube channels due to lack of relevant content.

SheSpeaks connects brands with influencers to develop a full range of sponsored content–blogs, reviews, videos, photos and testimonials. SheSpeaks also offers a plug-in platform for brands to build and tracks campaigns based on the content. SheSpeaks claims to reach 40 million consumers.

The YouTube channel will crowdsource video ideas from its influencer base. Aliza Freud, founder and CEO, said: “This was a logical, new and exciting step for our women to be spotlighted in a real, visual way and stimulate conversations that are important to them.”

SheSpeaks TV may create better opportunities for brands than for bloggers. Videos are not listed by blogger name, which may make it difficult for the audience to follow their favorite voices on the channel, especially as the content library grows. This may be a disincentive for bloggers seeking to build their own brands, especially on a Bethany Mohta or Felix Kjelberg (PewDiePie) scale.

YouTube’s potential to reach defined audiences on behalf of brands in a systematic way has yet to be fully exploited. SheSpeaks TV is another experiment to watch.

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