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Shelter magazines grow 90 percent: Oxbridge

Oxbridge Communications’ National Directory of Magazines has released its 2007 edition, noting that home and home furnishings/entertainment magazines have grown in number by 90 percent from last year.

The shelter genre has increased from 110 to 210 titles since 2005.

Regional magazines have also grown by 47 percent, from 638 to 942 titles. Bridal magazines are up by 27 percent as well from 102 to 130 titles over the last year.

Magazine categories that declined in number were lifestyle by 40 percent, entertainment by 39 percent and general interest by 37 percent.

The National Directory of Magazines is a directory of U.S. and Canadian publications with 19,413 titles. This includes 15,728 magazines and 3,685 tabloids, specialized newspapers and journals that carry advertising.

The book provides data such as subscription prices, advertising and list rental rates, list management companies, circulation and frequency, key personnel names and contact information. This includes 26,611 e-mail address and 22,453 Web site addresses.

The National Directory of Magazines 2007 costs $995 for a print edition and $1,195 for a single-user CD. It costs $1,995 for both the print directory and CD.

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