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Shell Collaborates with Oath to Reach Energy-Conscious Millennials

Climate change has been a hot-button topic for as long as I can remember. President Obama declared it the most important issue facing our generation, and President Trump — well — his dismantling of the EPA proves that he doesn’t think it’s an issue or he just doesn’t even know what it is to begin with. It seems that corporations are taking matters into their own hands with their continued investments in cleaner and more sustainable energies. 

Shell Corporation, in partnership with Oath, has created an interactive, multimedia campaign on Tumblr to drive clean energy awareness. Appropriately titled, “Make the Future,” the campaign is designed to inspire energy-conscious millennials across the globe. 

We were fortunate to discuss the campaign with John DeVine, Chief Revenue Officer, Oath.

This is a really interactive campaign, bringing consumer and brand together. What all went in to the crafting of the campaign?

Shell wanted to inspire consumers to learn more about and take action on important environmental issues with its “Make the Future” campaign, especially millennials. Creating content that was both educational and engaging was a must, so our RYOT Studio global solutions team worked closely with Shell and Mediacom to design the creative “Globe” activation to be in line with the brand’s core values. We collaborated on everything from the initial creative concept for the campaign, to the design, to the distribution strategy to reach audiences across seven markets around the world. 

How did the partnership between Oath and Shell come about?

Shell has been a long-time partner with Oath, and this campaign was an opportunity to create really immersive and innovative content. With RYOT Studio’s expertise in creative campaigns combined with Oath’s dynamic house of brands for distribution, Shell was excited to partner with our team to reach a new audience of millennials engaged by clean energy topics through authentic content. Tumblr’s flexible canvas made it the perfect destination for Shell’s “Make the Future” campaign.

I love the collaboration theme at play here and how the music video mirrors that with artists from around the world – how can consumers best collaborate with Shell in order to push clean energy into mainstream use?

Shell’s campaign is designed to spark ideas and promote collaboration. Whether watching videos or reading up on the five clean energy initiatives, consumers have many ways to collaborate, learn and share with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to improve awareness of these incredible energy ideas in action and create an invitation to change the world.

If you have this data yet, how are people on social connecting with the campaign? Are they sharing and discussing with friends?

It’s still early, but we’ve seen great response from people engaging with the content to spread the word and help educate everyone about the growing issues of climate change and energy consumption.

How do you anticipate this campaign changing the conversation on energy consumption and climate change?

Energy consumption and climate change are hot button issues, but there is still a lot of education that needs to happen in communities around the world to understand the local impact. Shell recognized this and this campaign is designed to encourage more people to learn about these critically important topics and inspire them to collaborate and take action.

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