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Shape to form brand extensions

Shape magazine has tapped Brand Sense Partners (BSP) for business development projects that are expected to grow brand-name recognition and revenue for the health and fitness title.

BSP will assist Shape in creating licensed brand extensions and marketing partnerships. All efforts will be designed to appeal to the magazine’s key demographic of college-educated, socially and physically active women in their mid 30s.

“The more we can leverage the power of Shape —the more we can get in front of readers and offer something of value — it’s going to make their life even better,” said Sabine Feldmann, VP, publisher of Shape. “As far as magazine circulation is concerned, this can help drive it because if I have a non-reader finding Shape in one of these places, it drives people to pick up the magazine or subscribe. It also helps because it broadens the visibility of the magazine and also adds value to the brand for the reader.”

Shape will leverage its print magazine, Web site and reader events to cross-promote with the new products. Ramez Toubassy, president of BSP, said all forms of direct marketing are also under consideration to promote the brand extensions.

“The goal is to help them identify and create new business opportunities that do one of a few things: Increase revenue, expand audience reach or get them into partnerships that can help accomplish marketing objectives,” said Toubassy.

Once the six-to-eight-week planning phase is over, BSP will present Shape with a fully formed business plan. The company will then move on to partner sourcing, with the goal of placing the Shape brand name in places that are “surprising but relevant.” Partnership possibilities include health clubs, travel companies and media products.

Traditionally, Shape has leveraged consumer events and partnerships with the likes of Carnival Cruise Lines and Sandals Resorts to promote its brand. The new partners and products will join these and a series of workout DVDs, editors’ recurring spots on talk and news shows, direct mail, e-mail campaigns and online subscription offers in Shape‘s marketing repertoire.

BSP represents clients in three main sectors: consumer goods, media and technology and celebrities. Clients include Dodge, MGM, SciFi Channel and Halle Berry, among other clients.

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