Sex doesn’t always sell, as Motorola pedals back on risque ads

Google and Motorola’s highly anticipated phone the Moto X is being released today, but not without some embarrassing advertising gaffes.

Although they’ve been taken down now, the Moto X ad team came up with some pretty raunchy lines for its ads (and tweets) which made it look like the equivalent of the guy at a party who’s just trying too hard.

To promote the phone’s new wood finish option, Motorola tweeted:

Yes. Motorola made a penis joke. Cue groan.  

After being lambasted on Twitter for the off-color joke, Motorola took down the offending tweet, but that wasn’t all.  On its home page, touting The Moto X’s myriad customization options, Motorola went in for another innuendo:

In case you missed it, the top right hand corner says “Is bigger really better?.” Cue groan #2. This ad too was taken down and replaced with… a Goldilocks reference.

Finally, while promoting the phone’s awesome no-touch voice control Google Now, Motorola’s team went for the cheapest joke it could find. 

Really? That’s what she said? All the way from 5 years ago when Steve Carell made it famous. Even then, he was portraying a character whose painful attempts at humor were awkward and uncomfortable for everyone around him. Sound familiar Motorola?

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