Service Turns Business Cards Into E-Mail

Peoplestreet is expected to announce its LiveCard service today. LiveCard allows firms to employ e-mail versions of business cards for management and e-mail marketing.

End-users can exchange LiveCards with colleagues or customers at and can use the site as an online address book.

LiveCard also allows users to receive an automated notification when a business contact who uses the service changes employers or geographical location. Members of the service can send updates to people in their address books.

Marie Presti, vice president of marketing at Peoplestreet, said the service should attract sales representatives because it could help them improve the accuracy of their client/prospect files.

She said the service also was built with loyalty marketers in mind.

As an example, an airline might want to supplement its frequent-flier program cards with a LiveCard program, which could include scheduled updates of total points accrued by the customer. Presti said doing so could save money on mailings to frequent-flier club members.

The service is free for consumers, while businesses are charged according to their client volume and the frequency of updates the firm wants to offer.

Peoplestreet, Cambridge, MA, plans to promote the service by sponsoring various e-mail newsletters in the financial sector.

“We are going after people who already have an online address book,” Presti said. “We tend to think of them as technical-business professionals. The need to keep addresses up-to-date is high for them.”

Peoplestreet offers a LiveCard key or code that can be printed on traditional business cards to allow access to a user's secured Web page. Business cards with the LiveCard key are meant to remind new contacts to go to and have their contact information added to their own address book.

The company also offers a directory service, which allows end-users to pull business information from online directory listings and save it in their personal e-mail address books. Presti said this consumer capability could be used by the directories as a sales incentive toward their advertisers.

The cards can be designed as graphical with HTML code or Java script or as a text link.

Visit for more information.

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