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Service Helps Marketers Comply With New E-Mail Laws Protecting Children

VerticalResponse Inc. introduced a program yesterday to help e-mail marketers comply with recent laws enacted in Utah and Michigan covering e-mails to minors.

The laws, which took effect July 1, mandate the states to create and operate e-mail address registries similar to current do-not-call lists to protect children from getting e-mails promoting products and services that are restricted to minors because of their age.

Individuals may place any e-mail address on the registries “to which a minor may have access.” Schools and other child-focused organizations also may register entire Internet domains. The registries prohibit sending ads to telephone numbers (cellular and land line), pager numbers, fax numbers, instant messaging identities, e-mail addresses and other electronic “contact points” listed on the registries.

Once an e-mail address is on the registry, commercial e-mailers are prohibited from sending anything with advertising, or linking to advertising, for a product or service that a minor is otherwise legally prohibited from accessing, such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, prescription drugs or adult-rated material. This is the case even if the mailing was requested.

To ensure that they don't send unpermitted material to any e-mail address on the registry, e-mail senders are required to match their mailing lists against the registries monthly, for which they must pay Michigan and Utah a per-e-mail-address fee. Civil penalties for violation are substantial — $5,000 per message in Michigan up to $250,000 per day, and $1,000 per message in Utah.

VerticalResponse's Registry Compliance Program offers a data scrubbing service that reconciles subscribers' e-mail lists with the registries on a monthly basis. Matches found within the registries will be blocked so they can't be mailed from the designated VerticalResponse account.

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