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Service Extends Marketing Materials to Agents Worldwide

Longwood Software Inc. has enhanced its TagTeam service, which allows companies to create an online library of marketing materials.

TagTeam lets sales agents, retail partners and marketers access digital files of photographs, ad copy, catalog sheets, Power Point presentations and e-mail campaigns for reuse. In a hosted version of the service, the company employees or business partners log onto a secure Web site to get the files. Companies also can have Longwood install the software on their server and create their own library site.

Enhancements to TagTeam include letting employees receive e-mail notifications when their company makes sales or marketing moves that might affect their job roles. Another addition lets a consumer request catalogs or more product information via e-mail. The e-mail can be tracked to show which consumers viewed the offer.

Added TagTeam features also help large companies support their retailers' marketing efforts. Retailers can pull images from a manufacturing partner's catalog for newspaper ads, for instance.

“The retailers won't have to put in a phone call and have someone on the other end look and look for the right image because it will be right there online for them,” said Scott Richardson, president of Longwood Software, Maynard, MA.

The 4-year-old service has been revamped each year and has drawn some big-name clients. New Balance's worldwide sales force has been pulling images of new shoe products from the library to introduce them to local retail store managers. Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts stows 215 images of its bagels, donuts and coffee to give its 1,400 franchisees more marketing options.

The hosted version of TagTeam costs $3,000 to set up, with an additional monthly fee of $500 to $3,000, depending on the number of employees who will use the service. The software license starts at $30,000. Each version takes one to seven days to implement.

Visit www.tagteam.com for more information.

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