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Service Eases Maintenance of Multilingual Sites

Uniscape announced this week its Globalization Infrastructure for eBusiness service to help companies reach the global marketplace by creating and updating Web sites in 42 languages.

In the past, Uniscape let marketers take down a Web page and send it to Uniscape, where it would be translated into any of the 42 languages. The marketer would then be responsible for reposting the page.

Through the Global Content Manager, which was announced Monday as part of the Globalization Infrastructure for eBusiness, users can just make a change to their parent site, with sites in other languages updated automatically.

According to James Owens, director of corporate communications at Uniscape, Redwood Shores, CA, the new product accomplishes three tasks: “enabling, which is the technical process of making a site and e-commerce system capable of handling multiple languages; localization, which is taking content and putting it into other languages; and the third stage, multilingual content management, which is keeping the content updated in multiple languages.”

Global online business-to-business efforts should become more commonplace by 2004, according to research conducted by the Gartner Group Inc., San Jose, CA. In 1999, worldwide business-to-business e-commerce hit $145 billion with the United States, accounting for 63 percent of the market with revenues reaching $91 billion.

In 2004, worldwide BTB e-commerce is projected to surpass $7.29 trillion with the United States accounting for 39 percent of the market with revenue of more than $2.84 trillion.

In conjunction with the announcement, the site will launch a marketing campaign that will include a public relations push and advertisements in a handful of magazines including Red Herring and Multilingual Computing. Uniscape also will make appearances at four trade shows this quarter as well as send out an e-mail direct mailing to 6,000 senior information technology professionals and chief information officers in the first week of May.

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