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SER Plans Donation to DNC Fight

SER Solutions Inc., a provider of call center technologies, said yesterday it would make an unspecified monetary contribution to the American Teleservices Association's strategic defense fund.

The strategic defense fund is financing the ATA's federal court challenge to the Federal Trade Commission's national no-call list as well as the Federal Communications Commission's parallel no-call regulations issued in June. A hearing in the ATA's case against the FTC before a U.S. District judge in Denver is scheduled for Aug. 15.

The ATA aims to raise $3 million total for the fund. In April, call center technology provider TeleDirect International agreed to donate 5 percent of the proceeds from its campaign management software over the following 12 months to the fund.

Though the ATA has received contributions from other companies, only SER and TeleDirect have gone public with their support.

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