Sephora renews Acxiom contract

Sephora has added two years to its integrated digital marketing contract with Acxiom, marking an effort to grow the beauty retailer’s loyalty program and improve its e-mail communications.

Acxiom has been powering Sephora’s digital communications since September 2005, helping the company send e-mails to millions of online subscribers. Acxiom and Sephora have also worked closely on building Sephora’s loyalty program, Beauty Insiders. Using Acxiom’s Impact platform, Sephora has been creating personalized e-mails, segmenting consumers by beauty profiles for personalized offers.

“We chose to renew our contract because of their customer service and their product offerings,” explained Tiffany Lei, marketing director for Sephora. “Impact not only allows us to serve personalized content dynamically, but we can do it on our own in-house, giving us full control of our e-mail program.”

Sephora has also applied Acxiom technology to its shipping confirmation e-mails, changing them from plain text transactional statements to dynamic HTML messages.

“Sephora is a very brand-conscious organization,” noted Tim Suther. “What it recognized is that every point of interaction with the customer is an opportunity to engage the brand. Just because your e-mail is confirming the order doesn’t mean you can’t also take that opportunity.” 

Lei said that Sephora is considering enlisting other brands in the Acxiom family, but would not disclose which.

“We are focused on growing our new loyalty program, Beauty Insider, and enhancing the personalized experience to and our e-mail program,” she said.

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