SEO Showers My Wedding Favors With Conversions

Studies indicate that marketers spent eight times more on paid search than they did on natural search last year. Yet natural search made up about 87 percent of the commercial traffic from the very same search engines.

Personalized marketing services provider Kefta helps firms segment and target natural search traffic through search engine optimization. If you ask e-commerce firm My Wedding Favors, Kefta does the job quite well. The site at saw overall conversion rates soar by 65 percent after using the Kefta Dynamic Targeting solution.

“We all know that traffic and conversion are two major keys to e-commerce success,” said Brad Fallon, CEO of My Wedding Favors. “But Kefta has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a third: relevance.”

Kefta follows four steps to help a site achieve SEO. First, building a user profile is important, even in natural search, because it provides insight into a consumer’s needs and wants. Second, Kefta moves beyond product features into terms that demonstrate consumers’ interest and stage of the shopping process, like price sensitivity, quality orientation and brand recognition.

Third, companies need to enliven their home page. One way is by targeting each searcher with graphic promotions related to the search term that initially brought the individual to the page. Lastly, re-targeting, or following a visitor with a secondary campaign, can boost the probability of a user converting.

“The challenge for My Wedding Favors was to boost natural search conversion rates,” said Philippe Suchet, CEO of Kefta, San Francisco. “In other words, they wanted to increase the number of people who made a purchase after coming to the site from a natural search link.”

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