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Sentrigo launches data security module

Sentrigo Inc. has launched the Hedgehog IDentifier as a security add-on for database users.
IDentifier pinpoints individual users of database applications working in pooled-connection environments. This targeted identification assists with security compliance and auditing. Database managers can see exactly who did what, and when.

“Our database security product, Hedgehog, has been out since the middle of the year, and when we started going to customers even before the launch one of the things everyone told us is there is an issue with identifying specific users,” said Rani Osnat, VP of marketing for Sentrigo. “People in the most highly transactional database environments, because of connection pooling, all users would show up as ‘x application’ not ‘John’ or ‘Emily.’ This brings up an issue around auditing and security policy.”

Target audiences for the Hedgehog IDentifier marketing push are database managers and IT security experts across al industries.

“Any company of a certain size would have a database with information that needs protecting and regulatory requirements to follow,” Osnat pointed out.

Many database security programs identify applications in database actions — for example, showing that someone using the “financial” application took a certain action — but specific users are often not separated out from the group application. Because the Hedgehog module can pick out individuals, it can manage database access or issue alerts based on the personal ID of a user in the system.

“People are increasingly concerned about security,” Osnat asserts. “Maybe a year or two ago the issue was lack of awareness, but nowadays, there is awareness coupled with lack of knowledge as to how to tackle the problem. With databases holding so much information in one place, clearly it’s one of the first places you want to look. It’s too attractive for hackers, intruders and insiders who want to do some kind of damage to be overlooked.”

Hedgehog IDentifier is designed for Hedgehog Enterprise software users. It can be installed on Java application servers, such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic and Oracle iAS. 

Sentrigo is a software company specializing in database security. Its US headquarters are in Woburn, MA.



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