Semcasting Intros IP Address-Fueled Targeting Engine

A direct mail intelligence company that has morphed into a data management platform is offering publishers a service that is essentially a digital version of ZIP + 4.

Semcasting’s new Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) tool uses people’s IP addresses, not cookies, to map online and offline activity to cluster households at the neighborhood level and businesses at the rooftop level. “Google Analytics tells you how many times they visited. What we do is read their IP addresses and tell you who they are—not by name, but in ways such as income, ethnicity, and preferences,” says Semcasting CEO Ray Kingman. “It’s a way of building a CRM file.”

A company press release promises attribution metrics from all marketing tactics, monitoring site visitors drawn by offline campaigns, look-alike modeling, and list creation. The SVA solution runs on Semcasting’s Smart Zones platform.

Using IP addresses, Kingman claims, gives marketers a 100% view of customers as opposed to as little as 30% using only cookies. “In direct mail, you target neighborhood segments using ZIP plus fours. We do it not with ZIP plus fours, but with the modem at the end of the street.”

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