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Sedona Debuts Marketing Solution Services

Sedona Corp., King of Prussia, PA, said yesterday that it is offering a new suite of marketing services that provide customer relationship management support to small- to mid-sized financial institutions.

According to Sedona, the suite offers strategic CRM consulting services that allow community and mid-sized financial institutions to outsource some or all of their strategic marketing programs.

Sedona offers a menu of services including:

·Reporting and analysis of the FI's customer and prospect data and the related profitability of their products, customers, households, and operations;

· Recommendations for strategic marketing programs resulting from the data analysis or bank/credit union's strategic initiatives;

· Implementation and tracking of the actual direct marketing programs selected by the bank/credit union using sophisticated campaign management capabilities; and

· CRM consulting to help the financial institution manage the cultural and process changes inherent in new CRM implementations.

According to Sedona, by outsourcing these marketing services, financial organizations will be able to augment their own marketing capabilities to take full advantage of the information available in their Intarsia CRM system.

RCB Bank, a community bank with 10 branches throughout northeastern Oklahoma, is one of the first to use some of Sedona's new services. RCB Bank intends to measure the growth of its cross and up-selling success in its various branches as well as by individual employee.

“Sedona's marketing solution services will help strengthen our sales initiatives and track our performance,” said Kelley Sanders, sales director, RCB Bank. “The services are flexible enough to be used by community banks looking to increase profitability and by mid-sized banks with a more mature sales culture looking to expand their programs.”

The new Sedona marketing solution services are focused on five key needs of financial services institutions: Customer retention; customer relationship expansion; new customer acquisition; privacy management; and CRM strategy consulting.

Each focus area includes detailed reporting and analysis to examine the opportunities available to the financial institution to increase customer satisfaction as well as overall company profitability. Based on the information collected, SEDONA also offers services to implement and monitor recommended marketing programs using Intarsia's campaign management software.

Sedona provides these services in conjunction with several best-in-class partners including Acxiom Corporation, Little Rock, AR; CBMS, an Atlanta-based marketing company; and Profit Resources, Covington, KY, a consulting firm that specializes in assisting clients to implement and optimize database marketing technologies solutions.

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