Sears launches dedicated site for Puerto Rico

Sears Holdings has launched an e-commerce website for its flagship retail brand specifically for the Puerto Rico market.

Imran Jooma, SVP and president of e-commerce for Sears Holdings, said the company has marketed to Puerto Rico’s consumers for more than 70 years, but it is trying to improve consumer experience.

“Now, we can offer three new opportunities for customers to shop with us, whether it’s through online shopping via, delivery to Puerto Rico with the ability to buy online and pick up the purchase in certain store locations, and the ability to use web terminals inside our stores to send purchases to Puerto Rican addresses with free shipping,” he said. 

The site has an online product catalog, local pricing and promotions and English- and Spanish-language capability.

Jooma said the site has created numerous efficiencies for consumers. For instance, customers can choose whether they want their purchases delivered to home or office or use “same day gratification” to buy online and pick up in-store, he said.

Jooma explained that demographic numbers were a major reason for the site’s creation.

“There are approximately four million residents living in Puerto Rico and another four million people living … within the US that identify themselves as being of Puerto Rican heritage,” he said. “This is why we felt it was so important to do local event marketing at the New York and Chicago Puerto Rico parades. We want to activate the market of people living on “the mainland” and let them know it is easy to now send items to loved ones living in Puerto Rico, which was not possible before.”

Jooma added that US consumers can also order items online from, and friends or family can pick them up at a Puerto Rico store location, thereby doing away with shipping costs.

He also noted that Sears Holdings is reaching out to consumers through Facebook and Twitter “finding and connecting where they work and play.”

Sears is also raising awareness of its e-commerce options through targeted print and online ads and PR, said Jooma.

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