Sears Holdings launches personalized online shopping solution

Sears Holdings Corporation has launched AdYourWay, an online shopping personalization tool. The company said it will save customers time and money while collecting valuable data for the brand.

“AdYourWay invites customers to tell us what products they’re interested in, what they want to pay for individual products, and how they want to hear from us about those items,” said a Sears Holdings representative. “This information will make us smarter about individual customers and our customer base as a whole, so we can use this to inform individualized, brand merchandising and marketing strategies in the future.”

AdYourWay, available now on and soon on, allows customers to receive personalized product recommendations based on previous purchases and product searches. Once consumers are logged on to the websites, AdYourWay gives them deals on relevant products for their lifestyle. 

The program also includes a “follow” functionality, which allows shoppers to get e-mail alerts for price decreases on a desired item. Consumers can view and track followed items from a personal AdYourWay page.

Sears Holdings recently partnered with Apple to use iAd units to show consumers interactive ads on their iPhone or iPod Touch mobile devices without leaving their current app. The company is also working with AdKeeper, a service that enables consumers to view online ads at a later time.

“AdYourWay is part of an overall Sears Holdings’ strategy to build and deepen customer relationships through the use of digital technology,” said the Sears’ representative.

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