Searchles adds new feature to social search platform

Searchles, a social search platform, launched Searchles Live, a new feature with a multi-panel display that offers a look at all the activity occurring within a user’s circle of friends and groups while also offering an in-depth glimpse of users’ activity-based social profiles.

Searchles is a scalable social search platform that lets individuals collaborate with peers, adding the information to a searchable index. The platform is a hybrid, combining aspects of social bookmarking and social networking technology with analytical social search capability.

Searchles Live can be adapted to a specific user’s preferences.

For example, by clicking on settings, users choose which set of activities they would like to see highlighted on their own Searchles Live page. Users also control the timeframe for the activity displayed, ranging from three to 24 hours prior. When applying these search filters, Searchles Live displays a personalized list of posts, comments or ratings generated by a user’s circle of friends and associated groups.

Searchles Live is accessed from the homepage. The page automatically updates, adding the most recent content and interactions on

Before Searchles Live, the Searchles site relied on an e-mail notification system to keep users updated as to activity on the page in a bit-by-bit fashion.

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