Search Tool Manages PPC Bids on 1 Console

SAN JOSE, CA — Inceptor, a search marketing and optimization firm, launched a self-service bid management tool that automates pay-per-click bidding across Google, Yahoo and other search engines today at the Search Engine Strategies 2005 conference here.

Inceptor says its BidCenter tool lets companies manage their PPC ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo — plus Ask Jeeves and MSN, when their paid ad programs are released — from a central Web console instead of having to log into each engine's management console separately.

“Search marketers need to do more PPC [analysis], but they don't have the time, so PPC campaigns aren't receiving optimal results,” said Vic Odryna, president/CEO of Inceptor. Also, some marketers manage their Google and Yahoo campaigns well, but with new ad programs coming out, they likely will be unable to track all their keywords and campaigns.

BidCenter lets marketers group hundreds or thousands of keywords and phrases in their portfolios, then select from various business rules that will automatically optimize their bidding decisions.

For example, advertisers could set a rule that instructs the system to optimize revenue across all search engines while keeping ROI at greater than 400 percent. Or they could set a rule to drive the maximum amount of clicks for an average cost-per-click (CPC) of 25 cents.

Inceptor, Maynard, MA, is one of about 100 search marketing firms and search engines exhibiting at the SES show.

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