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Search Marketing: It's More Than Just Search

Nowadays, with everyone and their grandmothers creating Web sites, it can be difficult for any one online business to gain attention. While some site owners have followed the trend toward search engine optimization and better equipped their sites to gain much-needed traffic, many still haven't realized the full potential search marketing offers in branding their sites through the use of optimized press releases and blogs.

Search engine optimization is probably one of the best ways to bring traffic to a Web site. But what about establishing that Web site's presence within its respective industry? Or, re-establishing that Web site's presence after it has been the recipient of bad press? An optimized press release, distributed through online newswires such as eMediawire, allows a Web site to do both, quickly.

While full SEO can take awhile to garner attention and traffic, an optimized press release can be disseminated immediately and can put a company's name in front of thousands of customers and journalists actively searching for information found in that press release.

Major news search engines such as Yahoo News, which has a unique audience of almost 25 million readers, and Google News, with 7 million, are proof that people are actively searching for news online. And these news search engines work in much the same way their parent search engines do in that they offer the opportunity for press releases to be optimized. And if you can optimize a press release, why not add it to the paid search listings as well and cover your bases in the two dominant methods of search?

In addition to search engines, blogs also are a good way to brand a Web site. With some studies showing that nearly 40 percent of top search listings come from consumer-generated media such as blogs, it would only seem smart for a Web site to create a blog with its own optimized content and allow customers to get involved, thereby building both the popularity and the quantity and quality of keyword-relevant content on the Web site.

SEO should not be abandoned for optimized press releases and blogs by any means. But the latter two should serve as complements to the first in not only getting traffic to the Web site, but getting positive attention for the site as well, which in the long run can lead to even more traffic.

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