Seagram Uses Web to Build Database for New Tequila Brand

Joseph E. Seagram & Sons is testing the Internet's use as a branding tool for its Tequila Don Julio brand.

The New York liquor marketer is running a holiday sweepstakes promotion across Yahoo pages targeting young Hispanics for its ultra-premium tequila brand. Running through December, it aims to build a database of prospects for more customized marketing.

“Their goal is to identify specific groups of individuals and measure what brand association is most likely to drive a desired outcome to a specific interstitial page,” said Bill Zierolf, president/CEO of CentrPort.

CentrPort, Westport, CT, is helping Seagram build and study a database of online consumers interested in Tequila Don Julio. The firm's software will use information from the sweepstakes to deliver targeted banner advertisements, e-mails and push traffic to the site.

Tequila Don Julio is named for Julio Gonzalez Estrada, who has been crafting tequila for about 60 years. Around since 1987, Tequila Don Julio became part of the Seagram portfolio two years ago. It is priced upward of $42.

Currently advertised in print media, the brand's presence on Yahoo capitalizes on an established relationship Seagram has with the popular online portal. A key attraction is Yahoo's relatively young audience, especially those consumers in their 20s and 30s.

“Don Julio really needs to start to try and connect with some of the consumers and the first step is to identify who they are and start to build up an e-mail database so that we can continue the conversation with them,” said Parnell Woodard, global director of interactive and direct marketing at Seagram's spirits and wine group.

To touch a chord with its target audience, Seagram has crafted online creative tied to its sponsorship of the Tequila Don Julio Legends of Latin Music Series. Adults of legal purchase age are encouraged to enter a sweepstakes. The top prize is an all-expenses paid trip for two to see Eddie Palmieri perform Jan. 18 in San Francisco.

Knowledge of the online visitor underpins the process. Consumers who click on the sweepstakes button transition to a Legends of Latin Music survey by Yahoo Research.

Once there, Yahoo asks a series of questions. This includes queries on the length of online usage, frequency, alcoholic beverages consumed in the past month, and place where the drinks are typically consumed.

CentrPort's rule-based system, hinging on a series of “if/then” statements, digests and processes this data for compiling anonymous prospect and customer profiles.

“It's a database-driven tool and what it allows us to do is to be able to deliver various messages to people, and, dependent on what they do or do not do in the online environment, I can control my messaging to different factions of the audience,” Woodard said.

Once data is down to a granular level, Seagram can determine what sort of online messaging moves the dial. Customized messages then can be directed across multiple channels in real time.

For example, if a sombrero treatment banner creative clicks with a certain group, online visitors will be served customized messages for one-on-one brand association. If users respond to an ad with party creative, they will be served pertinent messaging.

“What CentrPort does for them is identifies at an anonymous prospect level what brand association went well with what prospect and then measures what outcomes were driven,” Zierolf said.

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