Sculpture, Protest Fliers Found at DMA Show

SAN FRANCISCO — What Direct Marketing Association fall show in San Francisco would be complete without a protest? In the final day of the show here Wednesday, someone left a sculpture of a hand drowning in paper made up of mainly newspapers and a few letters to protest direct marketing.

The sculpture appeared in a sessions area of Moscone Center. One witness said there was an unidentified stench coming from the object. Postcard-type fliers were distributed around the center with various anti-direct marketing slogans. Among them: “How much spam have you inflicted on the world today?” Others: “Making the postal service your bitch” and “Repent.”

An unknown delegate claimed the sculpture, and DMA representatives immediately cleared the fliers from the area.

At the 1998 show, protesters left a pile of sealed envelopes and papers inside the entrance of Moscone Center during the pre-conference activities.

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