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Scout for raw marketing talent at your local bar and restaurant

While watching the US Women’s National Soccer Team defeat Brazil in the FIFA World Cup on July 10, I was reminded that the marketing industry must stay committed to recruiting talent and working as a team. The world we compete in every day is moving at breakneck speed, with a myriad of new opportunities to deliver our messages.

I believe that the future of our craft will emerge from finding and cultivating new, unique talent, embraced by the industry “elders,” and put into an environment that empowers one to reach his or her full potential. 

We should spend more time searching for this talent and less time pontificating on the next app that is going to save the universe. Where can we find these savants? How about the restaurants and bars that some of us frequent where a slew of individuals — bartenders, waitresses, hostesses and sous chefs — hunger for opportunities? I have always been fascinated watching this ballet of activity that makes a restaurant successful, where employees move at a fast pace, multitask, support each other, and make sure no one fails all for the benefit of the customer experience.

Most of these teammates have degrees, even advanced degrees. Most have learned to sell on their feet and to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Observe your environment and you will find at least one individual with a passion for delivering those new emotio-nal ideas that could drive the success of the brands we work on. Hawkeye’s last three hires have been a bartender, waitress and a street juggler. Follow our lead.

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