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Scotiabank Selects Unica

Scotiabank, Toronto, said yesterday that it has selected Unica Corp.'s Affinium software to be a part of its Canadian enterprisewide customer relationship management strategy.

The bank is deploying a targeted, one-to-one marketing capability as part of a corporate strategy to better deliver relevant solutions for the needs of individual customers.

In general, it will allow the institution to transform its branches, call centers, direct mail and e-mail touch points into an integrated and measured component of its CRM strategy. Through the information provided by Affinium, customer-facing employees will be able to better implement personalized marketing programs that meet individual customer's needs.

Unica, Lincoln, MA, is an analytical CRM and marketing automation solutions provider.

Scotiabank selected Unica's Affinium following a review of the leading marketing automation vendors.

“Affinium was the best tool available for mapping to our existing data sources — a combination of flat files and tables within a data warehouse environment — allowing us to better automate our marketing processes immediately, instead of waiting several months until our data mart is fully operational,” said Barbara Mason, senior vice president of retail marketing at Scotiabank. “We expect to be using the Affinium product as early as the end of this month.”

Affinium also received high marks for its “usability and scalability,” said Mason. “It's user friendly and can scale-up to meet the scope of any marketing campaigns we may want to run, now or in the future.

“Beyond the many technical considerations, we were extremely impressed with Unica as a company — with its understanding of the needs of financial institutions and of the particular challenges faced by our marketing organization.”

Affinium also provides the capability to test smaller, highly targeted campaigns more cost-effectively. “And in the future,” Mason said, “Affinium will be key as the bank expands its marketing efforts to the Web and wireless touch points.”

Scotiabank will use Affinium to support various customer-driven initiatives, including increasing brand loyalty, delivering financial solutions to its 7 million customers, and providing after-sales service and relationship management support activities.

Finally, beyond automating its marketing campaigns, Affinium will provide the bank with the analytical tools needed to measure campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

“We are excited to use Affinium to help us optimize the return on our marketing and sales and service-related investments,” said Mason.

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