Schubert to Launch

A suburban Philadelphia agency next week will launch, an online community for business-to-business marketing, communications and public relations executives.

Schubert Communications Inc., a BTB advertising, marketing and public relations agency that sponsored this nonprofit venture, said the site will include information and discussions on e-commerce trends, PR strategies, new marketing, creative advertising techniques and advances in interactive media.

“We believe BTB is a lost art that has been overshadowed by consumer marketing,” said Lisa Barbadora, copy director at Schubert. “What we’re trying to do is bring BTB to the forefront and elevate the quality of BTB marketing, advertising, PR and all other genres.”

Features of the site at will include a message board, guest chats on BTB topics, book reviews, a national events bulletin board, links to relevant sites and an online library of current and archived articles on marketing disciplines.

The site will target agency executives, colleges, associations, vice presidents of marketing and marketing managers at BTB companies across categories such as chemicals, electronics, telecom and high-tech. will depend heavily on support for content and sponsorship from freelance writers, BTB marketers and ad agencies. Schubert will design and maintain the site. PR, e-mail marketing and banner ads on industry associations’ sites are expected to generate interest for the start-up.

Schubert, Downingtown, PA, is a 22-year-old full-service BTB agency whose clients include Bluestone Software, PQ Corp., Cogni Corp., Mars Electronics and Motorola.

While its launch of is expected to help the BTB marketing community, Schubert also sees a positive impact for itself. Every page of has a link to the Schubert site.

“We hope that in launching this BTB resource,” Barbadora said, “that BTB companies will recognize us as the leaders in BTB marketing and communications.”

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