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SaveDaily Readies Holiday Promotion

With the giving season nearly upon us, SaveDaily.com will launch a holiday campaign on Nov. 14 that hopes to capitalize on the gift-giving spirit of the holidays.

SaveDaily offers consumers the chance to invest in nationally recognized mutual funds. To take part consumers only need to open an account with a minimum of five dollars. This allows people to participate in saving who wouldn't be able to otherwise because of the high minimum investment typically involved.

To spur participation, it is unveiling a consumer gift certificate-type offering. A gift giver can go to the site and order a holiday-specific certificate, whether it be for Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, valued at $5 or more.

The recipient receives an e-mail notification that links them to the site where they can become a member and receive their gift. “The money goes right into an account. It's better than giving PlayStation 2,” said Rick Bayless, executive vice president of strategic development and marketing at SaveDaily, Irvine, CA. “People used to send savings bonds. This is along the same lines.”

To get the promotion off the ground, the site will mail to its e-mail database of 400,000 people.

“We will send three e-mail broadcasts with a holiday theme,” Bayless said. “The message will be along the lines of, 'instead of sending toys, send a gift that will last.' “

To let its core target audience of women ages 25 to 49 know this product is available, the company has agreements with a number of companies, including Beenz and Snapdash. It will likely post a number of banners as well as e-mail to the lists of these and other partner sites.

The site also will e-mail its database every seven days up until Christmas to encourage its members to shop at the more than 90 online stores with which it has partnered. If a consumer makes a purchase through the site at vendors such as Sharper Image, Nordstrom and Barnes & Noble, they will receive an allotted rebate of up to 11 percent that will be placed in their accounts.

SaveDaily has agreements with the Berger Balanced Fund, Berger New Generation Fund, ING Money Market Fund, Pimco Total Return Fund and Pimco Low Duration Fund.

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