Satmetrix acquires Informative

Satmetrix, provider of applications and consulting services to measurably improve customer loyalty, today announced its acquisition of Informative Inc., provider of interactive online solutions for engaging customers in an ongoing dialog to identify priorities and drive loyalty.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Through its patented Adaptive Conversation technology, Informative provides marketing analytics to help companies engage their most loyal and influential customers, involving them in critical customer decisions that increase sales and build advocacy.

“Satmetrix is in the business of helping companies improve their customer loyalty in a way that drives financial outcomes,” said Deborah Eastman, CMO of Satmetrix. “While most companies have some sort of measurement program today, they aren’t seeing results in terms of loyalty improvements resulting in growth. We help our clients get results by driving action at all levels in the organization in time to change the experience and improve loyalty.”

“In our work with clients, we strive to integrate the ævoice of the customer’ into their decision-making process and increase the number of Promoters for their company.”

The Informative solution has been used by such brands as A&E, HP, ING Direct, Intuit, LEGO, P&G and Yahoo to engage in a dialog with customers. This allows them to innovate their products and services and create a superior brand experience using fresh insights and priorities gleaned from the voice of the customer.

“Informative offers two unique offerings to complement our current loyalty programs,” Eastman said. “One is an adaptive conversation that enables companies to further refine their understanding of customer needs to drive improvements such as product innovation. An example of this is LEGO, who engaged their customers in designing new products that resulted in record sales. The other is a community environment where they can communicate with their customers, continuously collect their input and nurture customer relationships.

“An example of this is the Intuit Inner Circle, where they have significantly increased loyalty as a result of maintaining a community of advocates and engaging them in improving their products and services,” Eastman said.

“Businesses need to get more insight into what’s driving customer loyalty so they can prioritize their businesses investments,” Eastman continued.

“There are no real strategic solutions out there to help companies build communities for customer collaboration,” she said. “Part of what the Informative solution offers is the ability for businesses to collect customer insight that will help enhance or refine products and services. Companies are really struggling with how to do that. The Informative platform provides that functionality, so customers can weigh in and provide [the] opinions that will help make better products and services down the road.”

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