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SAS, Intrinsic Strike Global CRM Deal

SAS Institute, an analytical customer relationship management vendor, and Intrinsic, a marketing-automation solutions provider, have formed a global CRM agreement designed to help customers manage marketing campaigns more effectively, the companies said yesterday.

Under terms of the agreement, SAS will buy a $6 million stake in Intrinsic and will sell Intrinsic-branded products worldwide as part of the SAS Solution for CRM. Intrinsic, London, is setting up operations in the United States and the Asia Pacific region to support anticipated sales.

The agreement allows clients to use an integrated solution comprised of the SAS Solution for CRM with Intrinsic's Enterprise Marketing Automation solution.

SAS’ CRM solution gathers customer information and then generates customer intelligence by using data mining technology to analyze interactions from all channels, including the Internet, to identify which customers to target for campaigns. Intrinsic's Enterprise Marketing Automation solution, on the other hand, creates, executes and manages marketing campaigns and manages the marketing process.

The SAS and Intrinsic solution offers direct marketers a single system for both the analytic and campaign management functions, providing substantial savings in setup and maintenance resources, the companies said. Most organizations today have separate processes for analysis and campaign execution.

“By joining these two solutions together, we can offer an integrated marketing automation solution — from soup-to-nuts — with both analytics and the operational side of campaign management,” said Kelly Sang, SAS Intrinsic relationship manager. “In addition, we can offer a solution with a quick implementation time.”

Sang said implementation times can be reduced by one month to several years.

SAS, Cary, NC, still has relationships with marketing automation vendors such as Xchange Inc., Boston, and Prime Response Inc., Cambridge, MA, through which the companies offer direct marketing customers similar CRM/campaign management solutions.

But, Sang said, “from a technology perspective, our systems are fully integrated with Intrinsic. … The integration [systems that companies such as Xchange or Prime Response] have with SAS is just not as tight as it is with Intrinsic’s systems.”

In addition, Sang said this integration is part of SAS’ strategic move to become a more integrated CRM vendor and offer customers total solutions.

As SAS' preferred partner for end-to-end CRM solutions, Intrinsic will be a first-tier development partner for additional projects, such as combining SAS e-Intelligence solutions that analyze Web-based transactions with future versions of Intrinsic software.

While prices have not yet been set for the product, Sang said prices would start at $300,000. Originally, the product will focus on serving the telecommunications and financial services vertical industries, but eventually will grow to offer solutions for a variety of verticals.

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