SAP takes b-to-c approach to b-to-b marketing campaign

Business software provider SAP launched a global b-to-b advertising campaign with a b-to-c approach, which incorporates digital and mobile marketing elements, said Costanza Tedesco, SAP’s global VP of brand experience.

The campaign, “Run Like Never Before,” is a follow-up from a 2010 SAP campaign called “Run Better,” Tedesco said. “Run Like Never Before” was designed by SAP’s AoR Ogilvy & Mather  to showcase the vendor’s various technology sectors, all working toward the goal of having 1 billion people use SAP software by 2015.

“Run Like Never Before” is unusual, Tedesco said, because SAP is targeting employees rather than businesses. “What is different about this is that we’re really going farther to speak to the person within the business,” Tedesco said. “We’re reaching out to them as consumers in the places where they’re seeking information.”

“Digital has always been, for us, the most important medium,” Tedesco continued. “Digital is where we really reach our customers throughout the day. We have easy opportunities for them to come to us online.”

Spencer Osborn, worldwide managing direct of global brand management for Ogilvy & Mather, said that although TV ads for the campaign will be shown April 17 only in the U.S., Germany, and Brazil, all digital, mobile and social messaging is currently available worldwide. The TV ads will eventually roll out in other countries, too, he said.

“The IT audience has expanded beyond the CIO,” Osborn said in an email. “We aim to reach the new group of decision makers including customer experience, sales and marketing, HR and supply chain that have broad use for technology that enables business transformation.”

“This advertising will appear in various digital properties,” she said. “It then drives back to an area of that we call ‘business innovations.’” The digital ads will appear on, The Huffington Post, and

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