SAP and Facebook announce a Big Data partnership

With Twitter partnering up with IBM’s Watson Analytics, it was only a matter of time before Facebook announced an analytics partnership of its own.

Facebook has chosen Berlin-based enterprise tech giant SAP to be its Big Data partner, providing social media marketers with even better audience targeting and behavior modelling capabilities.

Users of SAP’s HANA analytics platform will be able to combine the data of their existing customers with Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature to create highly personalized ads. In addition to reaching existing customers on Facebook, the analytics will be able to run predictive modelling to identify customers with identical behavior, creating a wider range of potentially engaged audiences.

“SAP customers want to use Facebook to promote their brands, products and services,” says Kevin Ichhpurani, senior vice president and head of Corporate Business Development and Strategic Ecosystem, SAP. “With this new offering to SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, our customers will be enabled to more effectively find their target audience on Facebook, measure their ad spend and track conversations to give a more accurate and comprehensive picture of an advertising program’s effectiveness.”

This is Facebook’s second enterprise tech marketing partnership after it announced Salesforce’s as a preferred partner for its Atlas ads network. For SAP, this is an important win, especially as it tries to catch up in the marketing cloud wars. It also signals that its worth thinking about SAP, rather than Salesforce, Adobe or Oracle, as the next worthy competitor to IBM in the predictive analytics space.

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