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Samsung starts advertising its new phone-watch, using clips from Star Trek, The Jetsons and more

Samsung is marketing its latest product, the Galaxy Gear watch as a sci-fi dream that came true. The Galaxy Gear is essentially a phone you can wear on your wrist as a watch. Do you really need to talk to your wrist? Probably not. But boy does it look cool.

Samsung’s latest advertisement titled “A Long Time Coming,” mines beloved futuristic TV shows such as Star Trek, The Jetsons, Knight Rider and Get Smart for clips of characters ducking down to authoritatively issue instructions to their awesome watch-phone gadgets. The ad ends of course with a shot of the Galaxy Gear watch, the ultimate realization of a sci-fi fantasy. Here’s the ad:

So far, the general consensus has been, love the ad, meh on the product. Mostly because it’s just another smart device you use by swiping your finger across it. Only with this one, the screen is tiny and you can only use one hand with it. Is it worth the coolness factor?

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