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Samsung mocks Apple again, with an insanely surreal ad

The latest in a long series of Samsung ads poking fun at iPhone users

Well, at least this one’s a little different.

In its bid to promote its new phone, the Galaxy S4, Samsung has released yet another TV ad poking fun at the iPhone. You might recall previous ads where Samsung had some fun at Apple’s expense, mocking its fanatically devoted fans and the lengths they’ll go to buy what Samsung clearly labels an inferior product. 

However, nothing will prepare you for this latest ad. Released in Iceland, the 56 second video goes from sort of funny to aggressively surreal in a matter of seconds. 

It opens with a young man, struggling with an apple in his hand, repeatedly trying to use it as a cell phone. Point made. iPhones are hard to use.  His situation is easily remedied once he gets a Galaxy S4 in his hand.

What follows next appears to be a syncronized dance performed by several dancing ninjas and a large, content looking ram in the middle of them. Our young hero then ends with a triumphant bite out of the Apple. 

I don’t know what Samsung is trying to tell me in the second half of this video. But they’ve certainly got my attention. 

And in case you wanted to see what the previous ads looked like:

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