Samsung Electronics Develops CRM Database

Samsung Electronics said yesterday that it is using The WIT Agency, a marketing and communications company, to develop a customer relationship database to consolidate and analyze customer records.

“Samsung wanted to be able to analyze all aspects of the business at a glance,” said James Bock, president of the WIT Agency. “The company had to be able to identify its best customers and then build better relationships with them. These tasks were very difficult with their prior system of numerous, unconnected and incompatible databases.”

The new database offers the following features:

• Eliminates duplicate data.

• Tracks sales, marketing and customer data.

• Creates comprehensive reports based on user criteria.

• Analyzes and segments customer groups.

• Consolidates customer information from call centers, product registration, customer service, sales leads and special promotions into a single information pool.

Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has operations in about 50 countries. The company consists of three main business units: Digital Media, Semiconductors and Information & Communications Businesses.

The WIT Agency, York, PA, develops Web sites and custom software for corporate Internet portals. Other WIT clients include Hershey Foods Corp. and Forest Pharmaceuticals.

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