Saligent Software, Receptive Marketing to Develop BTB Tools

Saligent Software, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, announced Aug. 23 the formation of a strategic relationship with Receptive Marketing, Inc., a marketing maintenance organization in Hampton, NH. Together, the companies will provide marketing and planning tools for business-to-business marketers.

Receptive Marketing will act as an integrator for Saligent Software's High-Yield Marketing application, which centralizes marketing and sales data into one system. At the same time, Saligent Software will offer RMI's marketing and consulting services to its clients.

In addition, the results of RMI’s marketing diagnostics technology — which analyzes a company’s selling effectiveness, market segmentation, buyer behavior, and market and sales practices and then generates an integrated marketing plan — will feed directly into Saligent Software's HYM’s Campaign and Event Planning module. The tight integration of these technologies is designed to maximize revenues and return on marketing investments.

“The alliance between Saligent Software and RMI will help marketing departments effectively invest their promotional dollars and become

increasingly dynamic in their overall organizational structure,” said Christopher Ryan, president of Saligent Software.

Tracy Emerick, managing consultant of Receptive Marketing, said “we support drip marketing — a steady, solid, process of staying in touch with and nurturing leads and customers. We help organizations correctly use and support their database, the most valuable marketing tool in any industry.”

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