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Salesforce’s State of Marketing report highlights mobile, changing priorities

Salesforce’s recently released State of Marketing report found that mobile applications would be the most important technology investment in 2015. 

Nearly 57% of respondents said that mobile applications were absolutely critical or very important, with 54% saying the same about marketing analytics and customer relationship management tools. Interestingly, however, social listening and social publishing tools were among the least important, with only 40% saying they were absolutely critical or very important.

The survey polled over 5,000 full-time marketers online, with 59% of the respondents living in the United States. 

Other interesting facts

  • Salesforce released executive summaries broken down by b2c and b2b respondents. While the #1 priority for b2b personnel was new business leads, b2c marketers were most concerned with remaining up to date with current marketing technology
  • In the overall list of business challenges, enterprise-level system optimization and understanding what data to analyze were among the least pressing challenges
  • While much of the report focused on marketing tech, it did ask respondents about their marketing strategy for 2015. High priorities: social media advertising and location-based mobile tracking. Low priorities: blogging and native advertising.
  • As far as important social media channels go, Facebook and Twitter outpace Instagram and Pinterest

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