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Salesforce.com partners with Amazon, Facebook

Salesforce.com has partnered with Amazon and Facebook for a new Web site management service this week.

The company said its Force.com hosted applications platform would be linked with  services from Facebook and Amazon Web Services.

The Facebook partnership allows salesforce.com customers to build applications on its force.com platform and use them on Facebook.

The partnership with Amazon will allow its customers to use Amazon Web Services to build new applications.

Salesforce charges customers a monthly subscription for access to its software, and lets third-party developers sell applications to businesses through its Force.com site.

The company said the partnerships are part of its plans to “redefine” customer relationship management by expanding its reach into the world of cloud computing — the idea of the development and use of computer technology through the Internet.

Salesforce.com touted the benefits of cloud computing by saying it does not have the cost, risk or complexity associated with on-premise software and servers.

“As the leading best-of-breed CRM provider in the world, companies continue to look to salesforce.com to define CRM in the era of cloud computing,” said George Hu, executive vice president of marketing, applications and education at Salesforce.com, in a statement. “We’re responding with more investment than ever across our three-part CRM strategy — complete CRM for every customer touch point, leading-edge collaboration within and beyond the company and flexible customization and integration via the Force.com platform.”

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