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Salesforce.com Foundation unveils Power of Us partner program

The Salesforce.com Foundation is launching a partner program called The Power of Us to assist Salesforce.com’s partners who are interested in giving back and connecting with Salesforce.com’s nonprofit customers.

The San Francisco-based Salesforce.com Foundation said the program would help partners learn how to implement an integrated philanthropy model – similar to its 1/1/1/1 model – to help serve the nonprofit sector and facilitate the donation of their services through existing nonprofit customers. The 1/1/1/1 model stands for 1 percent of product, 1 percent of an employee’s time, 1 percent of equity and being one with the earth, all of which combine to make an effective impact on the global community.

“Since the inception of the Salesforce.com Foundation, we realized that there was a wealth of committed Salesforce.com partners with the desire, means and resources to make a meaningful impact on the nonprofit community,” said Suzanne DiBianca, executive director at the Salesforce.com Foundation. “The Power of Us partner initiative allows our existing partners to get involved quickly and in a meaningful way without having to spend time or money setting up their own foundations.”

The program was announced Feb. 26 at the “The Power of Partners,” an educational event for existing nonprofit customers hosted by the Salesforce.com Foundation. The event was being held in conjunction with National Corporate Philanthropy Day, which is aimed at building awareness of philanthropic achievements, sharing the benefits of corporate giving and inspiring businesses across the country to engage further in philanthropy.

Since 1999, the foundation has been responsible for donating Salesforce.com applications to more than 1,600 nonprofits, donating 40,000 hours of volunteer work by employees, giving millions of dollars in grants to help the community and working to become carbon neutral. It focuses on the use of technology as it relates to youth development.

The Salesforce Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization, although it is aligned with San Francisco-based Salesforce.com.

The Power of Us partner program was created to grow Salesforce.com

Foundation’s community benefits exponentially by increasing the number of
companies committed to a similar method of corporate social responsibility and to mentor companies to incorporate integrated philanthropy into their business model.

While the initiative is still in an early phase, the Salesforce.com Foundation has already successfully inspired partner organizations such as Blue Wolf, Vertical Response and AppExtremes to incorporate philanthropy into their for-profit companies.

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