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Salesforce Sets New Coordinates for Journey Builder

In his keynote speech at Salesforce Connections yesterday, Marketing Cloud CEO Scott McCorkle (above) delineated four major shifts that are redefining the roles of sales and marketing organizations: the cloud, social media, mobile, and data science. As a result, Saleforce has integrated Social.com, ExactTarget, and Radian 6 and Buddy Media (united as Social Studio) into its marketing cloud “with Journey Builder at the center of it,” McCorkle said.

The premier product news being trumpeted at Connections—Salesforce’s digital marketing event concluding today in New York—is its revamped version of Journey Builder, a kind of digital command center that the big cloud company presents as the everyman solution to 1-to-1 customer interaction.

“Journey Builder not only tells you where your customer is today, but what’s the journey going to look like,” McCorkle said. “We all have goals that we design into our customer journeys, but there are goals and there’s what really happens. A customer can have a bad experience and change the goal.”

New in this iteration of Journey Builder are pre-built “journey triggers” that let marketers automate inbound, event-driven triggers like a customer joining a loyalty program or downloading an app. Triggers, too, can modify data in contact records or set up wait times and decision splits to adjust the journey in real-time based on customer interactions.

Journey Builder can also respond—perhaps more importantly for customer retention—to negative feedback a customer provides to a call center or via email. One such example was brought up during McCorkle’s keynote in a case study of the jewelry company Alex and Ani. When one customer complained to customer service that her bracelet had broken, Journey Builder intervened to put a pause on all further promotional emails until the problem was resolved.

Journey Builder will now integrate display advertising activity, as well, with five new digital ad networks and technology providers announced at Connections: Krux, LiveRamp, LiveIntent, Neustar, and Viant.

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