Salesforce Releases Active Audiences Product

Having presaged this move in February with the announcement of a partnership with Facebook, today officially releases its Marketing Cloud Active Audiences feature for synchronizing CRM with advertising placements on Facebook, Twitter, and the entire app ecosystem.

“Marketers try to show the right digital ads to customers primarily using Web cookies, an unreliable approach with extremely low engagement, especially compared to Facebook and Twitter ads,” wrote Liam Doyle, VP and GM of advertising products at Salesforce, in a blog published today. Doyle notes that, as an alternative, marketers manually upload lists of email subscribers to the social networks to make accurate matches. The new Active Audiences product, he explains, automates this process to scale and keeps customer data confined to a trusted system.

Salesforce makes the claim that its new service presents marketers with the ability to connect with customers across any device at scale for the first time. It claims that, in a beta test, a large retailer used it to integrate its email and advertising campaigns and extended the reach of its email program by 77%.

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