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Sagent Moves Into Analytical Applications

Sagent, Mountain View, CA, a business intelligence solutions provider, has released analytical applications for the property and casualty sector of the insurance industry, community banks, credit unions and the second-generation Web analytics market.

The solutions, announced yesterday, result from the company's new strategy to develop and deliver application solutions that are built on Sagent's technology and incorporate specific intellectual capital to ensure customers' rapid return on their investments.

These new analytic applications use an application framework, built from the start, for Web delivery of information. The framework incorporates application-specific data models, a Web-portal user interface, a metadata repository, specific reports and analyses and security functions — all designed to measure and report on application-specific key performance indicators.

According to Sagent, this approach provides for rapid implementation and ease of customization.

“Speed to market remains a critical issue to our customers' business success,” said Ben Barnes, president/CEO of Sagent. “Our analytic applications enable customers to have access to valuable business information and the ability to act quickly on that data through sophisticated analyses. Customers can efficiently make the appropriate business decisions in response to market changes, competitive pressures and shifting economic conditions. It gives them a strong competitive advantage.”

Sagent's new banking solution addresses the needs of community banks and credit unions to leverage customer data from a variety of sources to grow their business. With built-in analytics based on financial industry KPIs, Sagent provides a rapidly tailored CRM solution that delivers valuable, actionable information and gives banks and credit unions a complete view of their customers. They can use this data to retain and grow customers, efficiently manage their business and leverage market opportunities.

Sagent's new insurance solution helps property and casualty insurers enhance their claims analysis and underwriting processes. In claims, Sagent provides analytic applications to simultaneously monitor KPIs for the entire claims process, including claims cost and loss allocated expenses. In underwriting, Sagent can help locate new prospects while minimizing underwriting risk. Using internal and external data, insurers can determine where customers and prospects are located in relation to property hazards, such as fire, wind, earthquake, crime, shoreline and flood zones.

Sagent's Web analysis solution delivers the information businesses need to develop more effective Web strategies. This suite of analytical applications analyzes the experience of Web visitors by combining clickstream data, third-party demographic and firmagraphic data and appropriate internal data to provide a comprehensive understanding of Web site activity.

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