*Sagent Launches Data Quality Product

Sagent Technology Inc., Mountain View, CA, an e-business intelligence solutions provider, announced yesterday the launch of a new data quality software product that promises to standardize, cleanse and correct addresses in corporate databases according to U.S. Postal Service regulations.

The product, called the Sagent Address Cleanser & Coder Transform, is the first in a series of products being engineered by Sagent as a result of its recent acquisition of Qualitative Marketing Software (QMSoft), a customer information and marketing eServices provider. Together, the companies’ technologies allow e-businesses to strategically use the Web to better understand their prospects and customers.

The new product is the first in a set of modules called Customer I.Q. The I.Q. series is designed to improve e-businesses’ customer relationship management programs.

Besides cleansing corporate customer profiles to ensure that businesses have the best possible data on each of their customers, the new product also appends geographic data to customer files, making them as accurate as possible.

The Sagent transform is accompanied by a special data set from the

USPS and the U.S. Census Bureau for frequently updating customer addresses on a bimonthly basis. It employs sophisticated algorithms to match each customer record to an address in the data set. Once matched, the transform can correct, transform, standardize and code the preferred address.

This information is critical for securing and coding valid mailing addresses and incorporating geographic data used to implement direct marketing campaigns, financial invoice dissemination, cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and corporate demographic analysis.

NetAcumen Inc., Mountain View, an application service provider, currently uses the Sagent Address Cleanser & Coder Transform for improving data quality associated with the collection of information on Web site visitors.

“Sagent's Address Cleanser & Coder Transform allows us to provide enhanced data quality and address validation to e-businesses, delivering up-to-date information on their online customers,” said David Silver, founder and CEO of NetAcumen.

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