Sagent Introduces Real-Time Information Service for Web-based Prospecting

Sagent Technology Inc., Mountain View, CA, a real-time e-business intelligence solutions provider, today introduced Centrus Real Time, an XML-based information service that delivers current, third-party geographic, business-to-business and demographic information at the point of customer interaction.

According to Sagent, Centrus Real Time — which basically lets businesses augment their customer data with geographic, business-to-business and demographic information — enables companies to better understand and predict customer needs and behavior; compare existing information with current market trends; and allocate resources to retain the most valuable customers and acquire new ones.

Through Centrus Real Time, Sagent offers real-time access to third-party content providers including:, Experian, Claritas, Transamerica Flood, Geographic Data Technologies (GDT), U.S. Postal Service, Canada Post, U.S. Census Bureau and CompuSearch.

Here’s how the system works: When a customer registers on a Web site, first uses third-party information to seamlessly standardize and customer verifies the address, ensuring speedy delivery and reducing fraud. Then, the system enhances the information provided by the customer with geographic, business-to-business and demographic information.

“Centrus Real Time helps us deliver on the vision of providing the complete 360-degree view of the customer,” said Ken Gardner, president and CEO, Sagent Technology. “By combining internal prospect, customer and operational information with data from a wide variety of third party value-added content providers, companies are able to make informed decisions in real time on the most appropriate products and services to offer to their customers.”

The Centrus Real Time service will be hosted at Global Center, a secure co-location facility. Sagent will host the content from its third party information providers and deliver that content through a secure connection via the Web using XML. The combination of the Centrus Real Time transaction engine and the use of a co-location facility will ensure delivery of content with sub-second response times.

“Previously, only the largest organizations had the budget and IT resources to effectively integrate third party content. With, the traditionally high fixed cost of entry and IT infrastructure has been eliminated, opening access to this content to a much wider audience,” said Paul Wray, senior vice president, Sagent Technology.

Centrus Real Time will be available in April. Pricing will be based on a per-transaction model, with appropriate volume-based discounts.

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